Fear of copywrong

Go to jail stock photo
(do not collect £200)

I didn’t realise that you get copyright of your own artistic works merely by making them – no need to actually apply for copyright or use the little © sign that always seems to appear when you are just trying to type ‘(c)’ in a list of things.

So delighted to hear about Creative Commons, which provides copyrighted material whose owners are happy for you to use within boundaries. Sounds simple. However, to a complete copyright novice like myself, there are far too many slightly different variances on a theme – which caused me so much confusion that when I eventually chose an image to use an as example for this blog I now am no longer certain if I have just broken the law or not….

It is ‘attribution 2.0 Generic‘ which I think means it is free to use as long as I give “appropriate credit” if supplied. Which it wasn’t, so I haven’t. So I think I’m in the clear.

This is certainly an alternative supply of potential images I’ll alert our marketing bods too – it’s free so worth a serious look!

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